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wah!!! got backlink award from.....

for the second time...
actually I don't really understand,
what is this backlink award for?
but, I just took it,
because someone has given me this award....
u guys want to know,
who is that persons?
who is very kind,
who gave me this award,
the person is Amyna,
a million of thanx to Amyna,
because she gaves me this award,
yaahoooo!!! *happy2....hehe...

yea.... this is the award... huhu~
emm... this award have a special condition for those who received it,
what are the conditions?
let's me tell u guys,
emm... first of all.. bloggers who received this award,
u guys must make a backlink and as usual,
and share(tagged) it with others 5 bloggers,
how to do the backlink?
ok... recipients should put 4 link from 5 link of the blogger below,

3.Aini Hussin
5.Huzaim Rosli

but before put the link, follow this step:
1.Delete the first link...
2.All the link after the 1st link is step up to one more level...
e.g: The second link of mine is AJ.. but for u guys make it as the 1st link... same goes to Aini Hussin, step one level and make it on the 2nd link.. and same goes to the others 3...
3.and on the 5th link put your blog url...

understand? if not... refer here..
ok... that's all u guys have to follow,
but here's is the one more condition u guys need to pay attention,
u guys must fair and honest doing this,
the reason for it is:

Jika setiap penerima award mampu memberikan award ini kepada 5 orang dan kesemua mereka yang ditag meletakkan link dengan betul , maka jumlah backlink yang didapat ialah :-

Posisi 5 : jumlah backlink = 5
Posisi 4 : jumlah backlink = 25
Posisi 3 : jumlah backlink = 125
Posisi 2 : jumlah backlink = 625
Posisi 1 : jumlah backlink = 3,125

Menurut info dari SEO ( Search Engine Optimation ) ramai blogger telah mendapatkan 1,953 ,125 backlink dan keuntungannya . Blog korang akan mendapatkan trafik tambahan , apalagi jika ada yang meng'klik' link ke blog korang .

Selain mengeratkan persahabatan antara blogger , award ini boleh membantu untuk menaikkan trafik dan backlink ke blog korang .

[Kesimpulannya : award - dapat ramai kawan - baclink - trafik - page rank meningkat]

and the last one.
tagged 5 others bloggers:

nadia rasidi

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thanks Allah...

hye u guys... how are u guys doing?
Hari ni adalah hari yang terbaik tuk aku,
dah lama aku tggu saat untuk seperti hari ini,
seriously it tooks me about 1 month,
to wait for this day,
I always pray to Him,
always wish my prayer will be heard by Him,
everyday I just pray to God,
my prayer was just the same,
'Ya Allah, bangunkan aku di 1/3 malam yang akhir nanti,
untuk aku beribadat kepada-Mu..amin'
today, Alhamdulillah....
Allah has heard my prayer,
Allah Almighty....
He's the one who knows everything,
we as a servant's just plan for it,
but He would ascertain whether it will happen or not,
Allahu Akbar...
do u guys know,
what day is today?
Today is Tuesday,
today is Nisfu Syaaban day,
that's why Im very excited,
Nisfu Syaaban is the second best day over Lailatul Qadr,
do u guys notice that?
hari ini( yakni semalam selepas solat Maghrib ),
malaikat telah datang kepada kita untuk mengambil buku catatan amalan kita,
dan diberikan buku catatan amalan baru kepada kita,
that's mean this morning all of us,
were received a new 'practise books'...
believe or not?
we have been visited by the angel last nite,
hope I would changed my self,
I don't want my 'practise books' to be worse than before,
begin from today,
I'll try to change my bad attitude,
let us make it together,
hope Allah will gives us strength to achieved our vision,
i'Allah... amin...
Salam Nisfu Syaaban 1431H....

p/s: sory if there's gramitacally and vocabulary errors. Im not good in English. please correct me if Im wrong. thanx. syukran jaziran. =)

all about 135LC ...

hey people...
wow...almost a week I don't updated my blog. Well there's no big story. haha~ My tight work schedule has prevented me to update my blog. A lot of assignments plus the tirednesss of study, make me too lazy to update my blog. =) I think this week is goin to be much more busy. damn much busy. haha~ lets wait and just see it.

I feel a BIG MILLION of BORED last weekends. There was no exciting & interesting activity for last weekends. All my housemate were goin back to their hometown. wawawa!!!! they were really enjoy their weekend. what about me??? I just stayed here for 2 days ,doing nothing. wekkkkkk~ AND this is my activity for last weekends, upload a photo. huhu~ Actually this convoy have been held almost a year ago. I just didn't notice this pictures were in my lappy. =)
WE have travelled with our motorbike from KL----> perlis... It was a long journey... very exciting. And I got a lot of experienced from this convoy. All this pictures were taken by us along the journey. Watch out ur pictures ea... =D


uhhhh!!!!!! really2 don't understand... hehe~ I got an award... do I in a dream? huhu... I guess yes... =D haha... btw I'm very thankfull to person who gives me this award... this is my first award...so I guess it's so meaningful for me.... *is it rite? haha... perhaps... huhu... I am not sure why I am selected to received this award? hehe...is it my blog really interesting? =D still wondering....^_^

1. Thank and link the person that tagged you

million of thanx to

2. Tag 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think fantastic

This is really hard for me... But I will try to tag the most talented bloggers I've discovered...
huhu~~ be ready yea.... hehe..

3. Contact that blogs and let them know they've been tagged

yup... I will inform them as I tagged them in my list.... huhu...

4. State 7 things bout yourself

a men..

still single & available..

still studying..

likes to travel..

likes durian...*very2 much...hehe...

I love my family very much....

likes to make a new friends....

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j-o-u-r-n-e-y --> perjalanan kami (part 2)

after took a rest, we don't wasted our time becoz we have to walk around the orchard in order to find durian. Zuhri's orchard is about 8acres area. wow!!! too big. For ur information, durian can't be quotes directly at the tree. We must wait until they are fall from the tree. As far as we goes on walking through the orchard, we view the beauty of flora and fauna.

this is the first activity we had done... hehe~
quotes buah dokong....

looks there...
a lot of durian on the tree...

opppsss!!!! stop stop stop... hehe...
watch the durian....

Zuhri have to climb the hill again to search for durian's....

Farshad's & Sobree followed Zuhri..

asip can no longer waiting...
he was too hungry...
this is at the hillside.... whooaaaa...

flora and fauna....

natural beauty...

the most important moment was.... jeng jeng jeng.... hehe..: waterfallllll!!!!!! yihuuuuuu......what are u guys waitaing for...I can't wait any longer.. haha.. now we come....



so cold.....

happy... hehe...

farshad's joined us...


Zuhri didn't want to missed to joined us... =D

after finished taking a bath at the waterfall, we were going to search the durian again. haha~ becoz, Zuhri uncle's have told him to search out the durian everywhere around the orchard. so, we helping Zuhri to search the durian. huhu...

nice background... rite? hehe..

I'm going down there to help them search for durian...

still looking for durian..

me & zuhri...

nice looking place..


me & sobree...

they were carried durian, while me
snap a picture ...~~ hehe...

as being promises ... hehe~

luckily during returned route we ride a 4 wheel car..

this is how did the route looks like...

Zuhri a good & expert drivers... =D

still have time to snap a picture although it is too small space there...
haha... as uols can see... =D

tolerance is important... =)

so scared when reach at this area~
too steep... ;D

wow!! that was my best ecxperienced I ever had..huhu... Fantastic!! bombastic!! haha~ btw, thanks to Az-Zuhri for taking us there. Wish we'll have the second chance to travel like this soon... huhu... this travel was really enjoyable.. Hope u uols can join me next time ea.. ok... that all.. thanks you....

p/s: there's a lot of gramatically errors perhaps... hope uols just ignores it ea? hehe~ My E nglsh is too bad. huhu~ hope there's someone @ somebody would like to teach me to improve my English.. i'Allah. Amin.

j-o-u-r-n-e-y --> perjalanan kami (part 1)

hei hei hei!!!! hehe. first of all, I want to ask uols, where have uols been this weekend? what did uols do? huhu... hopefully, it was a perfect weekend for uols, just like me. have uols enjoyed ur weekend? If no, that mean uols are so unlucky.haha. ok lets not talk too much on that, lets go straight to the point, which is this entry all about. huhu. This entry I would like to share my journey travelling in the forest yesterday. woww!!! personally, I could say, it was a best experienced ever I had before. We
*me, Az-Zuhri, Sobree, Farshad & Hasif have been to the forest, which is situated in KUALA PILAH, NEGERI SEMBILAN. This is Az-Zuhri orchard. Actually we gone there with a view to search for durian, manggis & buah dukung. hihi. Can uols imagined how delicious is it when we quotes the fruit directly at a tree. It was so tasty & fresh. =p .The most interesting part were, we have to hill climb in order to reach Zuhri orchard. Wow!! again I would say, it is very adventures for me. It takes about 30minutes to walk and climb along the hill. The travel distance is approximately about 10-11km.


syarat-syarat penyertaan "Lensa Buruk, The Contest " :

1. Terbuka kepada semua warganegara Malaysia. Tidak mengira umur.

2. Hendaklah mempunyai blog sendiri bagi memudahkan Ti Anne Mohd Yassin untuk menerjah anda.

3. Perkara wajib adalah menjadi FOLLOWER Lensa Buruk. Bukan Follower tidak akan dilayan.

4. Letakkan banner di atas di side bar blog korang dan pastikan ia terlink terus ke http://annemohdyassin.blogspot.com

5. Tema bagi foto pilihan anda adalah bebas, samada mengenai Landskap ataupun Potrait.

6. Hanya satu foto sahaja layak dipertandingkan. Foto hitam putih layak dipertandingkan. Foto yang di edit secara melampau tidak akan di layan. Ini pertandingan tangkap gambo ye, bukan pertandingan graphic design. =P

7. Pastikan anda menggunakan kamera telefon bimbit di bawah 10 mega pixel dan 2 mega pixel 1.3 megapixel ke atas semata-mata bagi memudahkan penilaian. Kamera digital lain adalah dilarang sama sekali.

8. Pastikan tajuk entri anda ialah, "LENSA BURUK, THE CONTEST" . Sertakan Tajuk foto anda, Model telefon bimbit dan lengkapkan slogan di bawah foto yang anda pertandingkan mengikut format berikut :

Tajuk foto : Si Kunang-kunang Malam ( contoh)
Model Telefon Bimbit : Nokia N96 ( contoh )
Slogan : Saya suka blog Lensa Buruk kerana .......

-Kemudian Tagkan kepada 5 orang rakan anda yang berbakat-

Tajuk foto: Santai TER'senyum'....
Model Telefon Bimbit: Sony Eicsson w660i
slogan: Saya suka blog Lensa Buruk kerana ia memberi peluang kepada saya untuk
menunjukkan bakat saya yang terpendam selama ini...*bajet berbakat la... hihi....=D

nikmah amirah

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today is a good day for me,
bcoz last nite was a nite mare for me,
It was a perfect sleep last nite,
becoz, before sleep we *me & housemate...
ate DURIAN!!!!
wah... it is very deliciuos,
emm,,, but, for me I think it's just nice to eat,
*coz, I ever ate the more delicious Durian before. at my hometown, PENANG..
so for those who want to taste it, come to PENANG ok?
try it... wowww!! I guarantee you would remember it forever. haha~
btw, thanks la to my friends Az-Zuhri coz brought the durian to us,
we were all enjoy eating the durian,
*mana taknya, sampai xingat la berapa bijik yang dimakan semalam... haha...
it is very enjoyable moment last nite...
*sampai ada yang xboleh tido, sebab panas...

wow sedap tu... hehe....

ini waktu durian ni mula2 sampai...

'kucing tidoq'!!!

ni suku ja daripada yang dimakan....
yang dah dimakan xsempat nak di'gambar'kan...
cepat sangat dah abis... kakaka~~


hari ni bermulalah perjalanan hidup aku,
*da genap sebula cuti... huhu...
''Kehidupanku sebagai seorang pelajar,
masih lagi jauh dari persimpangan yang ingin kutujui,
belum tentu sempat atau tidak aku tiba disana''
*ayat nak berpuitis jek... haha...

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lebih kurang 2 hari lagi!!!!! yeeeeaaaaa!!!

countdown? tuk apa? haaa...
mai cini aku nak bagitaw, hehe~


kelmarin selepas solat Maghrib kat surau Desa Vista, Sepang ni,
ada ceramah sikit.
Ceramah ni disampaikan oleh Ustaz Fazli
*ejaan nama xpastibtoi ka x? sbb aku xtanya pon... hehe...just dengaq pengerusi bagitaw ja...huhu~.
Ustaz Fazli seorang lecturer kat KPTM Bangi,
emmm...yang aku nak cerita ni bukan pasal ustaz, tapi nak cerita pasal cerita yang ustaz Fazli tu ceritakan. aku tertarik dengan 1 bab yang ustaz ni ceritakan.
Ceritanya: macam ni....

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tidak seperti yang diharapkan,
tidak seperti yang diinginkan,
tidak seperti yang digambarkan,
tidak seperti yang dibayang-bayangkan,
tidak berlaku seperti yang aku pinta,
tidak berlaku seperti yang aku janjikan kepada mama & abah,
itu semua ketentuan-Nya....
Dia Yang Maha Kuasa...
Dia Yang Menentukan segala-galanya,
kita hanya mampu merancang,
Tapi apa2 pun,
aku amat2 bersyukur kepada-Nya,
alhamdulillah Ya Allah....
walaupun semuanya tidak seperti yang aku inginkan,
tapi aku percaya ada hikmah disebalik kejadian,

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arini taggal 08-07-2010,
genaplah 3minggu 2hari aku bercuti,
dan arini adalah hari Khamis,

*bajet orang laon xtaw plak arini ari apa? kakakaka~~
arini bangun ja tgok kiri kanan dah xbest cam selalu,
ye la mana taknya,
selalu mangkit pagi2 mesti nampak muka mama, abah, adik2,
arini, aku nampak muka
tilam & bantal Sobree ja,
*aku ngn acap ja yang ada kat umah... yang lain mana? depa xdatang ag...
cutiku dah berakhir,
apabila aku sampai ja rumah sewa ni,
kat Desa Vista, Sepang,
aku anggap cuti aku dah berakhir,
walaupon masih berbaki 3 hari setengah,
12-07-2010 ni baru klas stat,
OK lah, xmau la nak sedih2,
atau nak layan perasaan pagi2 buta ni,
sebenaqnya nak gtaw arini kan............
adoi~ saat yang menggetirkan...

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