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j-o-u-r-n-e-y --> perjalanan kami (part 1)

hei hei hei!!!! hehe. first of all, I want to ask uols, where have uols been this weekend? what did uols do? huhu... hopefully, it was a perfect weekend for uols, just like me. have uols enjoyed ur weekend? If no, that mean uols are so unlucky.haha. ok lets not talk too much on that, lets go straight to the point, which is this entry all about. huhu. This entry I would like to share my journey travelling in the forest yesterday. woww!!! personally, I could say, it was a best experienced ever I had before. We
*me, Az-Zuhri, Sobree, Farshad & Hasif have been to the forest, which is situated in KUALA PILAH, NEGERI SEMBILAN. This is Az-Zuhri orchard. Actually we gone there with a view to search for durian, manggis & buah dukung. hihi. Can uols imagined how delicious is it when we quotes the fruit directly at a tree. It was so tasty & fresh. =p .The most interesting part were, we have to hill climb in order to reach Zuhri orchard. Wow!! again I would say, it is very adventures for me. It takes about 30minutes to walk and climb along the hill. The travel distance is approximately about 10-11km.

vanue:kuala pilah, negeri sembilan, Malaysia
members: sobree, hasif, zuhri, farshad & me.

here... our journey begin...
as appears in this pictures asip, sobree, farshad & az-zuhri.
looks like asip would travel to the other route. hehe~

still at the foot of the hill.
*Farshad why ur face look very scared? r u afraid of 'pacat'? haha...

now farshad's turn to snap a picture. hehe~

begins hill climb. ngeee~ during this moment, all of us look very happy,
as what uols can see in the picture. hehe.

farshad's looks tired.
are u tired farshad? hehe~
this was the first 500meters of 11km journey.

as uols can see, the route that we follow to reach the orchard.
still far away~

OH no!!!! still a long way to go...

God creatures...

tall tree... hehe~

the most toughest part.. =D

looks like nothing happen there, but as we continue walking, we have loss a lot of energy. bcoz, this route too high. whatever it is we have to continue. durian waiting for us.. haha~

stop for a while. snap a pictures. yihuuu~
this is only half way of our journey.


me... with a bottle of water.. huhu~

sobree, farshad & asip.. still smiling although fatigue.
sobree what are u looking for?

first pit stop...
we expected we were already in zuhri orchard,
but it is not yet.
still 3km more..!!!!!

Sobree ask me to snap this tree pictures.
he said it was a nice looking creatures.

have seen the waterfall flow..
be ready..~

continue the journey~

look it still far away...

sobree want to take a picture here as we finish quotes the fruit.

at last... whooooaaaa~ hooray.....
farshad have out of energy to smile.

me & sobree...
still standing ... haha....
too tired....

farshad capable to smile again. yihuuu~~

here we come... waterfall...

wooww!!! at last... after about 30minutes walking, finally we reach the orchard. It was a very nice experienced we had together. Although we were tired, but it was enjoyable moment for us. huhu. as we reach the orchard, we just took a rest for a while and...........jeng jeng jeng....haha...

p/s: wait for the second part. watch what we did at the orchard. huhu......

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